Florida Gospitality


When working for any company there are always questions or two that we feel should not be there nor has nothing to do with the application process. For example why do you need to know my race? Why do you need to know if I get Food stamps, Tanf or any other government assistance? Do you knowing these things help me get the job? I found out by personal experience that they do.

To the question of by you knowing my race will it get me hired, the answer is yes. Some companies will hire you not because you know how to do the job but because you are of a certain nationality, and they can get government assistance . For example I applied at Target a name everyone knows and at this time in my life I was on no assistance I just needed a job to support my son and I, but did I get hired NO!

I had some more trouble making ends meet got on some government assistance came back to the same job at Target and applied for the same job I applied for last time,   but in the application   this time I had answered yes to the question are you on any government assistance. So the application asked what assistance I was and I explained. I received a phone call the next day tell me to come in for the hiring process. Hmmmmm something is not right.

So I was greeted by the manager and was told I needed to fill out these papers to begin the hiring process.   Before the manager left the room I said,” I came in here about two months ago and did not get hired why are you hiring me now?” She said,” Well we hired you because the government pays us for helping people on government assistance who need jobs.” She didn’t say because you seem qualified for the job, all I heard was we just using you girl get over it its cool. At that moment I wanted to get up and leave, but I need a job and beggers cannot be choosers right?

Now that I look back they didn’t really want to know if   I was good for the job as long as they got their government assistance they did not care. I...