My interest for applying for the FLIPP course is to expand on my nursing knowledge, develop new skills and gain more in-depth knowledge of organisation, structure and processes and also to keep up to date with technology that is fatal to the care I deliver. By doing this course, I will be given opportunities to specialise in other areas of the organisation and enhance/develop my future career opportunities.

The course will also re-introduce me to research and I am keen to expand my skills in researching evidence based approaches and its application as well as continue to monitor relevant research to improve quality of care when appropriate to enhance own practice.

Part of my professional development is keeping up-to-date with ongoing developments in my profession which I feel this course will have a great impact on. It will especially enable me to assist individuals in the future when mentoring students and junior staff. This in return will help students and junior staffs develop their skills and build their confidence which will benefit the organisation.
Being given the opportunity to complete the FLIPP course will give me a positive sense of ownership, boost my confidence and will impact on motivation.

I intend to disseminate my new skills and knowledge through future teaching sessions and mentoring of junior staff as well as nursing students in the sense that I intent to continue to share my experience and knowledge to support the development of other’s clinical competence and confidence in a way that allows them to grow professionally. I believe by sharing knowledge/ demonstrating up-to-date skills it will not only help other staff/students improve their   job satisfaction but will also have a direct impact on the individual’s performance, motivation, standard of care delivery, competence and their attitudes to teamwork.

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