Five Senses Activity

Leman Bekir
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1.Sense of sound
2.Sense of taste
3.Sense of smell
4.Sense of sight
5.Sense of touch

The Sense of Touch

Language: Define the sense of touch for the children. Ask the children what part of the body they use to feel things. Talk about skin and how it is used to feel different things. Also talk about hands and how everyone's hand is different.

Children will observe,experiment and practice descriptive and expressive skills

You will need : A variety of different textured materials such as cotton,aluminium foil,dried leaves...etc.

1. Encourage children to use words to describe what they feel.

2. Encourage children to feel the objects and talk about the different ways things feel.

''Today we are going to feel many different things. What do your hands and finger tell you about each of these?'' and they going to touch the materials

3. Encourage children to feel the objects and talk what they notice. Help them use describing words by saying for example:''Look,this one feels bumpy. Can you find another one that is bumpy?

Art: Make texture cards. Collect different samples of vinal wallpaper, cotton, sandpaper, sticks, leaves, tongue depressors, etc. Have the children glue the items on different cards. They can use the cards for sorting.

The Sense of Sight

Language: Talk with the children about the function of their eyes. Everyone has eyes and they have a very special job. Ask the children if they can identify the job of the eyes. Explain to children that everyone has eyes. Some eyes are different colors, some are a different shape. But the function of the eyes is just the same.

(Depending on the age of the children you work with you might decide to enter into discussion the concept of being blind or colour blind)

You will need:Unbreakable mirrors,hand-held or other items in wich children can see their reflections such as...