Five People You Meet in Heaven

The story from Eddie’s point of view and the Blue Man’s point of view are very different.   In Eddie’s point of view, Eddie is a child, and he and his friends are playing in the road with a baseball that Eddie got for his birthday a year ago.   The ball was thrown over his head and he ran out into the street to get it, right in front of a Ford Model A.   The car barely misses him, and he picks up the ball and runs back.   After that they go to the arcade to play games.
On the other side of the story, the man behind the wheel was just out for a practice drive with the car his friend had lent him.   He sees a ball come into the street, and a boy running right in front of the car to get it.   He veers, and misses the boy, and gains back control.   The man’s body is affected because he thought of how close he had come to hitting the boy.   His heart pumping furiously,   and it left him empty.   He feels dizzy, and almost hits another car.   He veers, hits the brake, swerving into an alley.   His vehicle hits the rear of a parked truck, and sends the driver into the steering wheel making his head bleed.   He gets out of the car, and is so affected by what just happened, that his blood from his coronaries no longer flow to his heart.   He dies of a heart attack, until a few hours later, a policeman comes and takes him to the city morgue.   One person is taken to the city morgue, one goes to the arcade.
One time where there were different points of view on the same thing was when my sister and mom and I went to see Beethoven As I Knew Him and they liked it and I didn’t, they thought it was good I thought not.   I fell asleep being part of it.