Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald\
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in 1896 in St. Paul Minnesota as an only child loved by his parents. After his father was fired from his sales job in 1908, Scott began to realize he didn’t want to end up as a failure like his father. Molly Fitzgerald was Scott’s mother. She had come from a very rich family and would borrow money to keep her family “afloat” and keep her son in the finest of prep schools. Francis soon realized that he wasn’t like the other, rich children that attended his school. However, he found a way to fit in. He began to notice he had a gift during his early years of school. Francis could write. He began to make his mark in school by directing productions, writing plays, and even articles in the school newspaper.
In 1913, Scott was accepted to the University of Princeton. The New Jersey campus provided him with more popularity. He was placed on academic probation after his lack of study and failing of classes got him in trouble. During his sophomore year, he met a girl named Genevra King. He began to date her, but during the relationship, her father said “Poor boys don’t marry rich girls.”, so they broke off the relationship. Scott withdrew from Princeton because he was failing so many classes. He didn’t succeed after all of his hard work and needed a new passage to succeed in life.
In 1918, the United States went to war in World War 1. He now wanted to go to war and gain more popularity and glory. As he went to boot camp in Alabama, he attended a dance. Zelda Sayer was 17 years old at the time of the dance. She had the same exact glow about her as Genevra did. People in the area knew her as a wild girl who loved attention. Scott fell in love with her because of her personality. Scott proposed to Zelda after he didn’t see any action after November of 1918. He used his ability to write in an advertising agency for about $35 a week. After realizing the lack of money Scott had, Zelda had second thoughts...