Fis 250 Week 8 Checkpoint Checkpoint Pap

FIS 250 Week 8 CheckPoint CheckPoint PAP
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CheckPoint: PAP
· Imagine you are a customer service representative at a major auto insurance provider. You answered a phone call from an insured who recently purchased an auto policy. She received her policy in the mail, reviewed it, and now has questions about her coverage. Her auto policy is located in Appendix B of the text.
· Answer her questions by identifying the types and locations of policy provisions in Appendix B, and by describing the purpose of each of the provisions:
o I’m not clear about my liability coverage on the Ford and Toyota. I don’t understand why they’re different amounts ($100,000 each person, $300,000 each accident, and $50,000 each accident). What does those amounts mean? If I get into an accident, what does this cover?
o If I cause an accident in which I get seriously injured and have to pay related medical bills for, say, two years to come, does my policy cover that?
o What if my car is struck by a hit-and-run driver? Will the damages to my car be covered?
o We get windstorms where I live and I’ve heard of trees falling on people’s cars and causing substantial damage. Will my insurance cover an event like that?
o I’m a very private person. What if I was injured in an accident and had to go to the doctor? Would I have to share my medical records with you?
o My driving record is less than perfect. Not that I expect this to happen, but can I continue coverage if my license is revoked?
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