First They Killed My Father

‘Being unable to trust anyone except your family.It is not as worse as other events Loung had because Loung’s imagination:which also relates the desire of revenge to get from Pol Pot, to describe the disapprance   of the members of family is much more pathetic and sad.Also one of the other aspect is how Loung challanges against hunger   and her description of hunger as well.That is why those events are much more sad and worse.
The fact that makes the revenge worse,is the description of Loung   when   she thinks how Pa, Ma and Geak were killed.Therefore, the killing of the family effects   Loung’s desire which will be following her throughout the novel.The narrator wants to take the revenge because of what the Khmer Rouger has done for her family.’The water wahes away the dirt, but it will never put out the fire of hate I have for the Khmer Rouge’ said the narrator at the labor camp.Even if the children are trained as a part of the Angkar, the fire of revenge always burns inside Loung.’Hard and fast, I stab it, each time envisaging not the body of a Youn but that of Pol Pot.This quote shows how much Loung hates Pol Pot because he is the only responsible of all odds Loung had within First   They Killed My father
The reason why Loung had such a hatred and the desire of revenge against Pol Pot, is the killing of Loung’s family which increases   the level of hatred and revenge much more higher.That is because, as known, Loung had a firm connection with her family and siblings.’Living life to the fullest, involves living it with your family’.These sudden deaths and seperation is the worst aspect told by Loung.
In the book, sometimes the italic writing sytle had been used to descibe Loung’s feelings where all the key members of the family are told deeply.The loss of the family is worst as well.That is because, for such a little kid, the loss of the family would be the worst sight that no one could want to experience except those who lost their family during the regime   and it...