First Suv

Carl Walker 12/16/11
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I did a research paper on the history of the Chevy SUV.   Which is today’s Chevy Tahoe and Suburban. (www.blogs).   They’ve been through many different models and generations.   It all started in 1935, when the first SUV debuted. (www.slosh).
76 years ago a full-size extended SUV was let loose to drive on the roads.   (www.4wheel).   With its all steel wagon body, the Chevy Suburban Carryall was introduced. (www.blogs).   With eight seats and two doors the Carryall   had a starting price of $675. (www.blogs).   With a cargo area without seats that was 75” by 77” the Carryall was basic, it came with a radio, heater, and clock. (www.blogs).   Even the rear chrome bumper cost extra. (www.blogs).   The power in the Carryall came from Chevy’s Stalwart “stovebolt” inline six that produced 60 Hp (horsepower) for the half ton chassis. (www.blogs).   One of the main uses for the Carryall was with construction workers or for those who had use for the capabilities and heavy duty chassis. (www.blogs).
In the 40’s there were a few improvements made to the Carryall.   Chevy installed sealed beam Headlights, which sufficiently improved visibility while driving at night. (www.blogs).   In 1947 a significant redesign of the Chevy truck line was introduced. (www.blogs).   Also an engine tuned was done on the inline six now giving it 174 Ib-Ft of torque at only 1,200 Rpms (rotations per minute). (www.blogs).
Around 1955 the second series design was released. (www.blogs).   The new design eliminated running boards, but added a wrap around windshield. (www.blogs).   Also for the first time fenders were flush with the body. (www.blogs).   The second series introduced the small block v-8 as their new engine; that was factory installed. (www.blogs).   Also factory installed was the new hydra-matic, automatic, transmission; a 12-volt electrical system; and tubeless tires were all debuted with the new series. (www.blogs).
Many things happened with the Chevy...