First Contact with Aliens

First Contact with Aliens



      If there‚Äôs ever a possibility of humans contacting with aliens, then it must be very soon. Extra-terrestrial scientists have studied the possibilities of how events will play out the day humans realize that they are not the only ones in the universe. Questions of how and when it will happen, have dominated talks concerning the first contact with aliens. Some scientists argue that it will be through radio contact as others propose the possibility of a physical contact. However, most support the use of radio due to the vast distance between the planetary bodies. It is also argued that if the aliens will be equipped with higher technology that allows fast travel, then the probability of a physical contact is as good as any.

      In his short story The Sentinel, Clarke gives a vivid depiction of how humans will react during the first contact with aliens. The curiosity of man has made him explore the outer space in search of other intelligent living forms that exists outside earth. Surrounded by uncertainties of how the aliens may react to them, humans have preferred the idea of them finding the aliens first instead of the other way round. This way they will be able to strategize on how to make the first contact and they will be certainly in control an idea that man fancies. In the short story, finding of the pyramid shaped object in the moon elicited fear at the same time excitement. The fear of the unknown is what haunts man the most and the need to know how it will happen puts him on pressure on discovering more about the extra-terrestrial science. This is why on discovering the pyramid, man is so eager to find what is inside and the kind of technology used (Clarke, 1951).

      The film 2001: A Space Odyssey took the storyline of The Sentinel where it depicted human contact with the aliens. In the film there is a contact between humans and aliens where aliens depict a higher technological...