Fire Safety

During the induction training, I was trained on fire safety and being show my way around the home and important places such as the fire exit, fire extinguisher and the assembly point are being shown to me.
On every Friday, there is fire drill test which is done to make the staffs to be aware in the event of fire and also, It is fire safety policy of the home .This is carried out by the maintenance man and as such I am expected to follow the requirements regarding health and safety on discovery of fire as trained.
So when the fire alarm sounds, I ensure I leave whatever am doing at the moment to exit the building and at times when I am attending to a resident, l try to communicate with him/her explaining that it might be fire in the building and so l excuse myself,
Then all fire doors will be shut automatically, these doors are put in place for the safety of the residents and so incase of fire, they are safe for another 30minutes at most.
I ensure I leave the building using the nearest exit and I calmly make my way to the meeting place (assembly point) which is at the car park at the rear of the building. I ensure I never use the lift. This is for my safety as fire could sometimes affect the electricity of the building.

When all the staffs are gathered at the assembly point, then the maintenance man in charge checks the fire panel to see if there is a fault or actual fire and find out the location.

As trained at the induction programme, in case of actual fire, the person in charge has to raise alarm, act immediately by calling 999 Fire Services and report fire at the residential home stating the home address so that the fire services will know where they are coming to tackle the fire. Also, the person in charge should have resident’s register, visitor’s signing book and staff Rota as this helps to know how many people are in the building.
The reason why it is done is to be aware of fire drills and fire policy safety and to refer to fire notices displayed...