My fingerprints like to hide. They play hide and seek, like little kids on the playground. I have got to say that, they are very good at it. It is not playground they are playing in, it is my fingers. They do not dance like me or wiggle like worms in the soil, instead they only linger slightly on my ring finger.

Unfortunately my fingerprints have not grown with me since I was born and have faded away like small memories.   I have asked a lot of question about my fingerprints, but none have been answered. This kind of condition is very rare in our tiny world. My family has not broadcasted this atypical condition called Adermatoglyphia. Well people do not take it very well.   I only found out three years ago. I went through at least ten scanners but none detected my identity. None could see me as a real person. “ Am I see through?” I asked myself.  

I find myself surrounded by a lot of diversity with classes that I take, my teachers my friends and family. They have something in common but they all, also have differences. Fingerprints are like your representatives. They are always there.
People do not see fingerprints as big part in their body. It is just fingerprints…For me it is much deeper than that. It is   about our personality and more.

Sometimes I ask “Am I real?” of course I am, but I do not leave a mark behind me. I know I am not alone in this, but it feels like very few people I talk to understand my position. I am scared to be left out.

Everyone’s fingerprints are like unique keys that they carry everywhere. In theory, no-one else has the same prints as you. Everyone values things—experiences, persons, places, relationships, animals, objects. You never can understand how precious these things unless you lose or never had them. For me, those precious things are fingerprints.