Finding Soldiers

Finding soldiers is something that we have tried doing since we had our freedoms threatened. Maybe back in the day soldiers were called rebels but, people knew what they stood and fought for. Now a day the people have lost sight of what the soldier is all about. Being a soldier is about respect and self sacrifice not form just the soldier but from their family as well. Being deployed ten times I can tell you that it takes a strong woman to be there the whole time. Not every one can do that, and it is apparent because if every one could leave their families with out a problem then every one would have joined the military. The people of the United States need to see the pain and sacrifice that goes on in a military family when one of the parents is on deployment.
Recruiters now try to throw a big number that you could qualify for, not guaranteed to get. Then once you are in the office and signing the papers they answer all of your questions in a positive way. Now that you are in you see that it is not all rosy like you were told it would be. But you have no choice but to try your best since you are in the military. You are going to have your family be disappointed in you just because you are doing something that you were not ready for. And you quickly adjust to the new demands of your job. You stay later than you would like to, next you stay over night for you 24 hr duties. Before you know it you have just about completely pushed your family out of the picture so that the military consumes your entire life. The first time that you try and put the family first you are faced with more static than you could have imagined. Your Chain of Command (CoC) hits you with all kinds of questions, why do you need to be there for the appoint, is during the work day the only time that you could schedule the appointment, why can’t it not wait till next week, can’t you wife take care of it?
The military needs to look after the needs of the soldiers that are currently serving and...