Finding Ourselves in Nemo

I can watch Finding Nemo about thousand times and never get tired of it. If anybody asks me what I like about this movie, is not only because it is a good story that teaches us about family love and hope , that even grown up people keep watching every time they can. Why? I will tell you why…
First of all it has an awesome 3D animation, great soundtrack, great voice cast and a heartbreaking story.
Nemo´s father (Marlin) whose wife (Coral) died saving Nemo from a barracuda, who previously ate Nemo´s brothers and sisters. Although, Nemo was saved, his right fin was deformed. But this disability didn´t affect him at all.
This teaches us that disability shouldn’t be a problem in our society and that a mother should do anything possible to keep save their children because they are the future of our society.
Second, is the great soundtrack that the movie has and was made by Thomas Newman, but my favorite one is from Robbie Williams beyond the sea.
Let´s take about the cast. Doris, eccentric character whose voice is interpretated by Ellen DeGeneres. This especial character is the funniest of all, due to her honesty and the way to see life. Another interesting character is Crush who is the relaxed surfer turtle that guided Marlin to Sydney, Australia in his way to find Nemo.
The message behind the story is that you shouldn’t give up in following your heart and your sixth sense because in most of the cases you are correct.