Financial Ratio Analysis

Undeniably that University Abertay Dundee is running in a business system. As a student of Univery Abertay Dundee, we need to pay for high education fees in the order to study , take examination papers and services .We can understand that school required a huge capital to buy school facilities, like computers, desks and others school equipments. In addition, school needed money to hire more quantity and experiences lecturers and raise their salaries. By the way , I think that is proper that university operate like a business but might be a little as what the school need but not only for make money and also which are provided good education for students with playing a leading role on its management.
As what we know, most of the parents and public opposed business education system which operating in most private universities and colleges. They were more rely on government education and believed that only it can provide well knowledge and education to the students in their future. They dispute about the purpose of universities and the ways they are managed. But in my opinion, high education system provided by University Abertay Dundee has own successes beside all the disadvantages. University Abertay Dundee has a 13years strong partnership with SEGi college. We can get high quality degree even we were just educated in Malaysia. Students may get different knowledge that differs from local academics.
Compared with government school, college can provide better facilities in the order to support a good environment for students to study. Students also may get experienced teaching professionals and easier way to study. On the others hand, students cannot proceed to local universities to continue future study so private college give them a chance to apply for diploma or degree courses. Normally, some of people that can’t get satisfied result were not qualified to choose the courses they prefer for advanced studies. Private universities allowed people to select various...