Student Number     :       10337453  
Course Title           :   MBA (General)    
Lecturer Name       :   Enda Murphy
Module Code           :       B9AC106
Module Title             :     FINANCIAL ANALYSIS
No of Words             :   2938
Date of Submission :   27-03-2016

This report is about the financial analysis of Colefax group plc. It involves the ratio examination of the previous five years(2011-2015) of Colefax group plc furthermore the same of Haveloc europa. In the wake of examining both associations' extents, the judgment can be taken where to contribute capital and the measure of stake should be obtained from competitor.
Colefax Group plc is a general designer and wholesaler of extravagance furnishing fabrics and wallpapers and a rule overall upgrading affiliation, based in London in the United Kingdom. They have offices in the UK, USA, France, Germany and Italy, which makes it a part of an expanding worldwide distribution network. The group technique is to make and extend its portfolio of luxury fabric brands.
They sell their products under the brand names Colefax and Fowler, Cowtan and Tout, Jane Churchill, Larsen and Manuel Canovas.   Every fabric brand in the Party has a seperate structure studio and an other publicizing technique pushing a particular look. The brands compliment each other by covering a wide degree of tastes from standard to contemporary. The group generally offers to inside artists and inside format shops, serving the most noteworthy purpose of the line private business region. A large portion of the fabrics and wallpapers sold by the Social affair are conveyed by outsider suppliers.
Havelock Europa PLC is a United Kingdom-based inside arrangements supplier. The Company works in the retail, money related administrations, instruction/settlement, medicinal services and global segments. The Company's administrations incorporate inside configuration,...