Unit 9 Final Project
Michelle Diedrich 7/13/2010

Unit 9 Final Project Hello, my name is Sloan. I am 40 years old and am currently employed as a computer support technician for a small business in Minnesota. Minnesota is a beautiful and friendly state. We have wonderful summers and harsh winters but we survive them (what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger). I live in an extremely small town (population 700) with the same number of churches as there are bars. It is a comfortable place but sometimes can prove to be a little too personable. I would rather sit at home on my deck with my family than venture out to the local VFW. Every morning I get up at about 5 am and make myself a pot of coffee, I then proceed to wake my youngest son which can prove to be a challenge. I get her on the bus and then I drive my red Ford Escape to a town 20 minutes away. On the way to work I hook up my I pod and lose myself in music. I work 9:00 am – 5:30 pm and then I race back home to spend time with my baby before time steals her like it did with the first three. I love to work in my garden but that is a rare luxury since I went back to school. Late at night I work on homework for my online courses because I am hoping to receive my bachelors and then my masters in accounting at Kaplan University. “Time is Precious” is such an understatement. My husband Vaughn works long and unpredictable hours but we try and spend as much time together as a family as possible. He is the hardest working man I know and my best friend, he is also dependable, sensitive and overly protective. My youngest daughter Teagan is 8 years old and she is the most precious, innocent, honest child anyone could ask for, she is definitely our little angel. She expresses herself by drawing and writing and every room in our house is a glimpse of her infinite imagination. In the hands of a child, a piece of paper and a crayon can be a powerful reality check for a busy mom. My oldest daughter Melody is 22 and is a...