Final Strategic Paper Bus475

Final Strategic Paper

      Many different aspects go into opening and running a business, including the type of business to start, the type of prospects you are trying to attract, advertising and promoting a business, and actually running it on a day to day basis.   Three main things to consider before opening up a business are the vision statements, mission statements, and guiding principles and values that will go into your intentions of the business.   Not only are these things imperative to starting a business, they will be a guide to operations and the strategic direction of the business.
Company Overview
      Folchi’s Furniture is a business originated from just outside of Memphis, TN and is a leader of upscale furniture, carrying brand names such as, Thomasville, Broyhill, Ashley, and Hooker furniture, just to name a few.   With the correct market analysis and planning, Folchi’s Furniture is planning to open their first store in July of 2010.   This furniture store will offer a variety of furniture to choose from, including bedroom, living room, office, dining room, mattresses, entertainment, and accessories. Folchi’s Furniture will also provide people with the best possible customer service anyone could ask for.
Our organization is composed of an extremely talented, visionary group of design professionals who foster their creativity in an environment of strong client relationships.   Top performing on-site management and design teams create strategic marketing plans put in place for promotional and advertising purposes.   There will be a total of twenty employees working inside Folchi’s Furniture, including two people in the HR/Payroll department who will be responsible for hiring, benefits paperwork, payroll, and training of new associates.   There will be two people over the advertising and marketing department who will be responsible for television, radio, and signage advertising of the store.   They will also handle promotions, including a...