Final Project

Part I

Next Three Quarters at Walden University

Quarter Name: Winter

Quarter Start Date: December 6

Course 1 Number & Title: English Composition 0099

Course 2 Number & Title: Math 1001

Explanation: Requirement for my major

Quarter Name: Spring

Quarter Start Date: January 3

Course 1 Number & Title: BUSI 1002

Course 2 Number & Title: Econ1001

Explanation: Requirement for my major

Quarter Name: Spring

Quarter Start Date: March 7

Course 1 Number & Title: Arts 1001

Course 2 Number & Title: Geog 1001

Explanation: Requirement for my major

Part II

I would like to improve my time management and communication skills. Time management is important in everyday life. Being on time is a very important and can lead to many accomplishments. These skills are important for my academic and personal life because not knowing how to communicate or manage your time effectively can lead to disappointments.   All of the business classes that I’m completing at Walden University will help me prepare for my future career. Managing time effectively and communicating are important work of ethics with integrity. The student assistance program will help improve my time management skills. My instructors, classmates, and advisors can assist me in improving these skills also.

Improving my communication skills is important because I will have to communicate effectively when running a business. I don’t speak well in front of others. Taking business classes will help me to see what it will be like in the real world with having a business. Customers expect you to have effective communication skills.
When writing in APA format, I feel enticed. I would rather write a paper than to communicate because I get nervous at times when speaking face to face. APA format seemed difficult at first but now I have the hang of it. Whenever I run into problems, I ask my instructor and use the writing center.
I am very pleased with academic integrity....