Final Out Line

Interview of Nathan(Nate) Schugg

Introduction: My interviewee is my fiance he is 6’3.   He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He is currently receiving SSI for psychological reasons. He has 4 kids two of which live with him, and is currently not married. He is 3 years older than me, he is Caucasian. He was born in Hamilton, Ohio and grew up with his Mother, step father, and he has 3 brothers. He grew up Nathan Schugg but prefers to be called Nate instead of Nathan.

I. Questions

      A. Do you remember information more accurately if you observe the behavior being performed, or do you prefer to read how the behavior is performed?

      B. Do you prefer to studying in the library, or at home where there are background noises and some distractions?

      C. Do you feel that the results of the Myers Briggs test is accurate?

      D. Why or why not?

      E. What Experiences do you feel contributed most in the development of your personality?

      F. Do you feel that you are self-monitoring in regards to your attitude?

      G. What do you feel was the strongest influence on your attitude?

      H. What role do you feel a person’s race, gender, or ethnicity play when forming that persons personality and attitudes?

      I. Do you feel you are better at tasks when intrinsically or extrinsically motivated?


Permission was granted on 11/29/10 at the beginning of the class.


1   Organization

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