Final Organizational Impact

RUNNING HEAD: Indigenous: OI/461 Final

Indigenous: OI/461 Final
The only way a fledgling business can survive in today’s uncertain economic times is through innovation and the restaurant business is struggling in 2009. Indigenous the fresh restaurant chain, innovates the food industry.
Freshness; Innovation  
The food service industry is difficult at any level but the art of selling meals to an educated consumer is a daunting task.
Humans eat to live or live to eat, and the modern world makes food consumption easy.   Convenience plays more of a role in the way people eat than the food consumed. Innovation in food storage and preparation in the past 100 years has changed the way people live. Current trends abandon the process of food preservation learned over the past 100 years. The modern process of adding ingredients to preserve food and increase nutritional value are deemed unnecessary and harmful by certain groups of society. Convenience in food preservation causes existing “stand alone” restaurants around the world not to use local, fresh food suppliers. My company will take the concept of “Nothing Artificial Added” to a larger audience. The company will take the aptly named Indigenous restaurant chain to three major metropolitan markets. This innovative business model brings fresh food directly from local agriculture/producers to the restaurant table and all dependent on the indigenous (local) food supply. The type of innovation is a start-up business and opens new market opportunities through market-niche innovation (V Stamm, 2003). The duplication of this restaurant idea in various locations is innovative and will rely on a stable planned-strategy (V Stamm, 2003) due to the inherent risks within the restaurant restaurant market.
The strong point of Indigenous is the fact naturally produced and harvested food is a strong emerging theme in high-end culinary circles. National chain grocers and smaller local competitors currently enjoy the success in...