Final Exam Hrm 531

HRM/531 Final

Note: Got 2 wrong out of 30 questions but the final does not show which ones...

1. ________________ include everything in a work environment that enhances a worker’s sense of self-respect and esteem by others.
nonfinancial rewards
2. This made extensive changes to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 that governs employer-sponsored, qualified (for tax deferral) retirement-benefit plans.
the Pension Protection Act (PPA) of 2006
3. Mary arrives at her new job. Before she can begin actually doing the work, she must complete a series of activities including role playing and virtual reality interactions.  What type of training method does Mary’s new employer use?
4. In determining the competitiveness of benefits, senior management tends to focus mainly on
5. To avoid legal difficulties related to performance appraisals and enhance credibility in court, employers should 
document appraisal ratings and reason for termination.
6.Hard quotas
represent a mandate to hire or promote specific numbers or proportions of women or minority group members.
7. _____ analysis is the level of analysis that focuses on employees specifically. 
8. _____ proceeds from an oral warning to a written warning to a suspension to dismissal. 
progressive discipline
9. If employers fail to check closely enough on a prospective employee who then commits a crime in the course of performing his or her job duties, they can be held liable for
negligent hiring
10. When companies discover they can communicate better with their customers through employees who are similar to their customers, those companies then realize they have increased their _____ diversity. 
11. Title VII of the _____________ states that top executives in companies receiving government support can retract bonuses, retention awards, or incentives paid to the top five senior executive officers or the next 20 most highly...