Final English Paper

Final Paper
Bertha Dominguez-Gomez
November 29 2015
David Rosenbrock

Final Paper
      We as human beings should be very careful when deciding to have a child. Whether it is in a marriage or outside of marriage, we have an obligation to make sure that the person we are planning to have a child with is responsible and mature enough to be a parent. Being in a marriage does not mean that children are going to grow up in a two-parent household. Nowadays fifty present of the marriages ends up in divorce. Therefore, single parent household is more common today than in the sixties seventies or even eighties. Therefore knowing the advantages and disadvantages of single-parent household versus two parent household is very important. Let us look at, economics, education and becoming a single teen parent are just some of the problems we should foresee.  

    Knowing the Single Parent Household, advantages, and disadvantages. The Advantages of children of single-family home children become more responsible at an early age. Children that come from a single parent home have more responsibilities. For example, parents tend to have to depend more on their children to do household chores, take care of their younger siblings or even make breakfast or lunch. Children learn to depend on their siblings for support. Some of the younger children of a single parent household depend on, the older siblings to wake them up in the morning and help them get ready for school, serve breakfast, and walk to school with them. Children from a single parent home do not have to deal with listening to parents argue in front of them. In my experience, I have found that children from a single parent home and no male figure in the home do not have an idea of how it feels to see your parents argue in front of them and have to take sides.

    We can find many disadvantages in raising children in a single-parent household; the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The...