Final Draft

Educational Funding in America

Matthew R. Ferry

English- University Writing Essentials/147

Carrie Kendall

Educational Funding in America

      Most people these days are aware of the demand for more educational funding, but some still may be unaware of the need.   Educational funds lack because of lack of   priority in understanding importance of early education, because of political disagreements/delays, and because of states’ prioritization of budgets.   There are a few main reasons that education funds lack in the present day and age. First of all, there is not enough focus on the importance of funding early education.   Many say that the start of a student’s education is the most important.   Also, the decisions regarding education fall on each of the individual states, therefore, there are many political figures who are involved and this can lead to policies being delayed significantly due to the indecision of where funds should come from. Lastly, the ways in which states prioritize their budgets also needs more attention, case and point, the lottery.

      According the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 35 states in the U.S. have their educational funding cost per student lower in the 2013-2014 school year, than they did in the year before the recession.   Education in America is taking a hit right from the beginning.   In some towns in the U.S., the budget is so tight that if extra funding was granted at the Pre-K level then this would in turn affect K-12.   In a 2010 article about prioritizing early education funding, state superintendent Mike Flanagan commented on Pre K spending stating that this is “Where it matters most.” (S.J. Demas, 2010, p. B.3)[1] Also, another reason for the lack of Pre K funding is the lack of union activity to back it up as these represent primarily and in some cases only K-12 teachers.

      Political disagreement also causes delays and denials of proposed funding for educational funding....