Final Art 101

Final Project: Art Timeline
July 24, 2011
ART 101
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For this timeline, I have chosen marble sculpture between the years of 1500-1900. I have always loved the way that marble sculptures look so clean. Marble helps make the art piece look more lifelike. In the following I have chosen pieces that are very popular, like Michelangelo’s David to pieces that I have never seen before until doing this, like Drunken Satyr or The Sleeping Children. These are all great pieces and I believe would make a great addition to improving the website.

Marble Sculptures Timeline 1500-1900

Figure 1
Galleria dell’ Accademia, Florence

David was made in 1501-1504 during the High Renaissance time period. There is more than one David sculpture that was made.   Michelangelo’s David is, besides the height, very lifelike. The reason the height was a problem was because it was not to scale of a human; instead it is way taller than an average human. To me this sculpture represents a God, how detailed and perfect a God should be. Unlike the other sculptures of David, Michelangelo’s does not represent a hero; instead he represents the young David before the battle with Goliath.

Figure 2
Drunken Satyr
Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli
Art Museum, St. Louis

Drunken Satyr was built by Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli, an Italian sculptor. This was a made from marble in 1532 – 1533 during the time period of High Renaissance (Kren & Marx). In this sculpture I see a half man half goat lying back, as though he passed out right there with flute in hand. For me the name fits, because after a person gets pretty drunk, they tend to pass out. Satyrs are known to be half man half beast, most of the time goat. The top part of the body is the man and the bottom part is the goat. Not only do they have the legs and hoofs of a goat but they also have the horns. Satyr’s spent most of their time dancing, drinking, and chasing...