Final Analysis Paper

Final Analysis Paper
Nieshia Harrison
PHI 445: Personal & Organizational Ethics
Instructor: Robert Wengrzyn
Jan 10, 2016

I have never had my own business before, so I began to think that this paper would be extremely difficult to comprehend and finish. As each assignment advanced, and I studied furthered, I noticed that handling my family was not so much different then handling a business. In my everyday life of handling my family, I have to make choices that not only impact myself, but the entire family. One poor choice on my end can have an enormous influence on everybody here. This is alike to choices in the organization world. In my opinion, I believe almost all organizations begin with the thought of being one family and attempt to make moral choices built on that. Nevertheless, as organizations flourish and management alters, it is not regularly easy to stay with the main ethics that you began with. In this final paper I plan to examine two extremely dissimilar organizations and take a look into the values and ethics of these organizations.
I’m going to start with the non-profit organization that I chose to study. I have a best friend who is taking care of a child who has a rare cancer. I chose to study an organization by the name of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a non-profit organization for children who have cancer and other illness. It was founded in 1962, by Danny Thomas. Danny Thomas was very unsure where is life was heading, one day in a church, Danny prayed to St. Jude Thaddeus, the patron saint of   hopeless causes. If St. Jude Thaddeus would help him go in the right direction, he would build him a shrine in his name. After that night, Danny had much success, and that is where St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital came into play. The headquarters are located in Memphis, Tennessee. They also have affiliate locations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Charlotte, North Carolina, Huntsville, Alabama,...