Film Studies

Production Portfolio
Pre production
As part of a group our challenge was to get the impact of the comedy across to the audience, this was key to creating this movie. To complete this we had to decide on location, time of day, weather if it would be suitable to do it in the rain or sun or inside etc., light and would the actor be able to pull off the part we had in mind. If they had the time to do this with us and fit our timetable as well as there own individual timetables. We eventually agreed on classroom in our school that created the prefect atmosphere for us to film our movie. We were inspired by our daily routine of the being in the school.

Figure 1 an image of the classroom we shot the film in.

We aimed to make sure that the actors looked like they belong to the surrounding of a classroom so formal with ties and shirts were a must have for this movie. For the main part we want an average looking student so that it seemed more realistic to the viewers, which was an important feature to the movie.  

The main issue with our team’s production was shooting time. As we shot it on school grounds we had a limit on time due to the fact our actors were friends who had to get to class on time. We also had to make sure we did not disturb other classes that were around us. This caused us to have to shot it over two days meaning problems with wardrobe as well as actors being absent and busy with other subject to give up there free time again. This was due to our inexperience of creating such a movie.

There was also a problem with communication at the start as there was lack of explanation of the idea and the direction the movie was heading between the director and scriptwriter so when it came to setting up people were unable to explain what was happening and in what order the were filming and where the actors should be placed to get the scene. When it came to editing we noticed frames were missing and that instructions came...