Film Review

Remember the titans, directed by Boaz Yakin is a sports drama based on true events that take place during the racial struggles of 1970’s, Virginia. It is, in my opinion one of the most inspiring films ever and was very successful upon its release in 2000.
In 1971, new African-American head coach, Herman Boone is hired to lead the high school football team, the Titans. He has taken the position of Bill Yoast(Will Patton), yet due to the commotion between the black and white athletes, Boone offers Yoast the assistant coaching position to ease the racial tension.
This racial abuse is portrayed in many scenes of the movie, for example, the diner in the small town refused to serve black people and the captain of the team, Gerry Bertier’s girlfriend who offensively refused to shake hands with Julius when they were first introduced. However, many of these tensions are eased during the two-week training camp in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where the ruthlessly consistent training of Coach Boone has made the team overcome their differences and achieve both racial harmony and triumph. Since the training camp the Titans became very successful, winning the majority of their games and eventually competing for the state championship.
Sadly, a week prior to this game, Bertier is involved in a car accident, leaving him paralysed. As this tragedy leaves Bertier unable to play football ever again, this does not break the Titans. Instead they are motivated and win the championship. The end of the film depicts Bertier’s funeral, seven years in advance of the championship game, being attended by his former football colleagues, both white and black.
This film portrays a very powerful racial message that is extremely effective on many levels and because it is based on true events, this message is further enhanced. Performances from actors, particularly Denzel Washington’s powerful portrayal of Coach Boone, also make this film such a success.   The setting of the film provides a very...