Film Paper

It takes a lot to make a movie. There are various elements in the process to filming a movie. You have the cast, casting crew, production crew, and other important people. Their three processes in filming a movie. You have pre production, production, and post production. In this essay I will explain each process. In order to prepare a film you have too have a story outline.
  The pre production process is like a planning page for your shoot and the process starts when the cameras start rolling, the process of preparing all the elements involved in a film. Pre production usually only comes into play once the project is developed. During this time the project will be fully paid for, and have most if not all the elements, such as a principal cast and director. It should have a screenplay. In the process of pre production, the script is broken down into individual scenes and all of the locations, props, cast member, special effects and visual effects are done during this time. A detailed schedule is produce and arrangements are made for all the elements to be avaible to the filmmakers. Then the sets are build the cast is hired and all of the finances and finical arrangements are made, but during some point during pre production there will be a reason
Through of the script. The people that usually attend are all the cast members that have a speaking part, all of the head department’s producers, publicists, and also the director. Sometimes the write is still working on the script, but the screenplay is locked and all of the scenes are numbered to avoid confusion at the beginning stage of pre production process.
  Pre production is designed and planned during this process the production company is created and a production office. The production is a story boarded and visualized with the help of the illustrators and concept artist. During this process a budget is made to plan the different stages for the film being made. Then the producers must hire a crew, they...