Film Neria

Statement 7
                                                          Zhe Liu
The leading character in this film is Neria who had a very happy family, an industrious husband Patrick and two lovely children. They use their hardworking bought a beautiful house in the city so they don’t need to stay in the village and their children can enjoy better education. The whole families enjoyed their life very much. Unfortunately Neria’s husband died in an accident, as this happened Neria’s life has changed.
Phineas who is Patrick’s brother. He wants to get all the inheritances from Patrick include the house, the car and the furniture. He tries to use the violence to oppose Neria. But in the end his plot was not satisfied. Neria use the law protected herself, her properties and her rights.
The characters in this movie also include Joel who is Phineas and Patricks’ young brother. Jethro, Neria’s brother who is a singer, he always encourage Neria with his voice when Neria sad.
The climax of the film happens in the court when Neria and Phineas fight for Patrick’s inheritance. But still just a movie the right party is certain to be victorious. Neria is an educated woman , she knows how to use the law to protect herself and she can afford for a lawyer. I was glad to see that Neria won the case and fought back for the properties that should belong to her. But it does remind me something that happened in my county in China. Just like the countries in Africa, China is also developing country. Things are so different from a developed country, there are something that people could never imagine in a developed country.
In the real world there are lots of determinate problems for a woman or even a man to use of the law. In my experience these problem could be uneducated, people don’t know anything about the law, they don’t know how it works and they are afraid to use it to protect their rights. Some of them they don’t even trust it due to the ignorance. Another problem could be...