Film Making

The making of a film
Joady Wagaman
ENG 225 Introductions to Film
Instructor: Melanie Rodriguez
December 20, 2010

      The information I have learned throughout this course has opened my eyes to so many angels within the filming industry. I have taken for granite for years the detail and amount of hours put into the making of every film. The amount of time and effort that is put into the making of a film is amazing. Throughout this course I have learned about all of the details that are put into the making of each film. From the smallest detailing film making to the largest detail in the making of a film.
      The detail in film making began as early as the 1900’s. This course has brought great interest to me to find out more about the start of filmmaking and the interest of the people making the films. I have done further research on the beginning of film making and its history. In this final paper a description of the film making and the information learned through our text and our discussion’s. I will be using the movie “Live Free Die Hard “as my example on the variety of film shots and angles used throughout the film. I will also cover the detail of clothing, make-up, music, and the actor’s talents.
        The movie “Live Free Die Hard” is an action packed film, it is the fourth “Die Hard” film directed by Len Wiseman. Bruce Willis is the main character in this film as he was in the previous three “Die Hard” films. Bruce Willis was 52 years old when he performed in “Live Free Die Hard” film. I was somewhat skeptical in how well he would perform in this film as to his previous roles as John McClane. I was astonished by his performance in this film it lead you to believe not a day   had gone by since he made is last “Die Hard” filming.   “Live Free Die Hard” film included his character to perform the role of an action actor, which he played in his previous films of “Die Hard” His age had not affected his role in the least, he portrayed fabulous action...