Film Critique

Film Critique
SummerLove McClish
ENG 225
Charlie Johnson

The Wizard of Oz, released in 1939, written by Lyman Frank Baum, director Victor Fleming, producer Mervyn LeRoy.   Top stars of the movie, Judy Garland as Dorothy, Frank Morgan as Professor Marvel (The Wizard of Oz, the gate keeper, the carriage driver, the guard), Roy Bolger as the Scarecrow, Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion, Jack Haley as the Tin Man. Dorothy lives on a farm in Kansas until a tornado picks up her, her dog, and her house and drops them in the land of Oz.   Her goal is to find a way back home, she meets up with other travelers that tell her she must get to Emerald City and ask the Great Oz for help.   They head off together and hope that the Great Oz can help them all, but he does not help them at all.   The theme is that we can and should solve our own problems rather than getting someone else to do it for use; the answers lie within use.   The purpose of this paper is to write a critique of the film The Wizard of Oz. This critique will discuss the director, writer, the story, the acting, the casting, the set, cinematography and sound, costumes, the editing and visual transitions, genre, and the impact of society on the film and overall textual themes.   Film critiquing is more than just writing you love a movie or you give it “two thumbs up or it’s a must see.” To critique a film, one should analyze it by considering the different elements of a film and as a whole.
The production company for this film is Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer, the gold roaring lion as their trademark. The writer of Wizard of Oz was Lyman Frank Baum. He was an American author, actor, and independent filmmaker. “In 1900, Baum wrote a book entitles The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which was later made into the film Wizard of Oz.”   In 1901 he rewrote the book into a musical play, and the name changed.   He enjoyed writing about adventure and fantastic characters, people and events that his way of...