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The Blind Side Tawanda Richardson Eng 225: Introduction to Film Jonathan Alexander September 27, 2014

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“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also   believe.” (Anatole France)
The movie I chose to write about is called "The Blind Side." This movie, The Blind Side is based on
a book titled “The Blind Side: Evolution of a game” written by Michael Lewis
2006. This movie is based on a true story about a young African American homeless boy named, Michael Oher, who is taken in and adopted by a wealthy Caucasian family. This young man, Michael Oher was born into a life of poverty to a mother who was battling a drug and alcohol addiction, in the projects of Memphis, Tennessee. Looking at the movie, a person will feel sorry for this young-man who started out his life in what looked like a dead end situation, but in the end it was a stable family life, hard work and dedication that gave him the opportunity that, he needed to have a better life. This movie is about a young-man who was homeless and the
Tuohy’s took him in. Before, Michael went to live with the Tuohy’s, he had been in and out of foster care system several times and each time, he would run away to go back home to his mother and during this time, he had been to 11 schools in 9 years and had missed. The Blind Side shows how young people are impressionable and how easily they can be manipulated or lured into becoming involved in gang activity. When a person is being raised in a dysfunctional home, where drugs are around them 24 hours a day and no one is talking about the importance of an education, that person will end up falling thru the cracks and end up in a gang, where they might end up in jail or even worse dead. Michael Oher grew up in a gang and drug infested housing project located in crime ridden North Memphis in a neighborhood called ”Hurt Village” where he could have easily...