Fiction vs Reality

Fiction versus Reality

In many books, TV shows, movies, and so on one can find representations of the courtroom. Some of the characters that are described in the books, TV, and movies are based on true stories though most of them are entirely fictional. Within America much of what individuals discover about life is learned through the TV. Individuals support their lives on what is happening to the fictitious characters that they view on TV, often time mistaking the fiction characters as real life people. Most people have never been in an actual courtroom, though they will form opinions about the courtroom because of the books they have read or watching popular TV shows like Law and Order or Criminal Minds; basing their opinion on fictional legal matters off of these materials. With the inability to actually view the court procedures our Americans have misinformed idea of how things really work in our criminal justice system.
Fictional Courtroom Procedures
In shows like Judge Judy, or Judge Mathis before the cases are submitted over the internet and approved by the actual TV shows, the applicants have to have an existing docket number to prove there is an actual case that was filed from the individuals own area court system before it will be presented to the   TV shows. The producers of shows inspect the claims for excitement and suspense rather than what the case is actually about or whether it’s a good claim. Court cases heard on television must chosen by the individuals employed by the television station though they must be true and also supply an impractical story that is will to entrap and shock the viewers to improve the show’s ratings and keep viewers watching.
As with many of these courts TV cases are shown on Judge Mathis, Judge Brown, and Judge Judy many of these judges do try to mediate between the two sides in front of them, but most of them do not get as personally involved in the case at all.   Another difference with...