2.2 Critically evaluate own success in developing a character through improvisation….       3.1 Participate in and evaluate the use of ‘off the text’ improvisations to develop understanding of script… |
Read through the play of City Love and note:   * What does your character say about them selves?She doesn’t want a boyfriendLives aloneIm independent A real womanDoesn’t go out to talk to menExpects to be a senior buyer in 4 years, like to run own departmentShe walks across waterloo bridge every morningFeels like an 8 year oldShe gets nervous on the phone and she never says anything she wants toHe wants to punch her mumShe sometimes doesn’t want to leave the houseShe thinks she has a horrible bodyShe wonders if someone could be prettier and funnier than herShe thinks shes alone     * What do other Characters in the play say about your character?   * What does the writer say about the character in the stage directions, IE in the actions they do?   * How does your characters behaviour and interaction with other characters and the world around them, help us understand them as an audience?   * From the above evidence, what conclusions have you decided upon that have helped you find a deeper understanding of the character? How has that helped you develop your character? How useful was this for your hot-seating exercise?After your improvised performance of a scene from City Love:   * How did you feel the research you did help you build and perform your character?   * How did it help to develop and perform the scene?   * How successful do you think you were in portraying your character in the scene?   * How was improvising around the text a useful tool when looking at building characters and themes in a play/ text? |

      3.2 Develop a theme from scripted material through improvisations Analyse outcomes of improvisations in relation to understanding of script…..   4.1   Analyse how improvisation enables him/her to focus on...

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