Unions were first intentionally started in Europe. Socialists had a control over organized labor in Europe and they were political. This formed socialist parties, which were banned or harassed, until WWI. Within the United States, unions were actually banned by courts as they were labelled as conspiracies which ineterfered with interstate commerce. Employees would than have to become secretive about this, and if ever found out they would be fired or physically beaten up. What led up to this, was the fact that all they wanted was a fair wage, empowerment, bathroom breaks, lunch breaks and working an eight hour shift. The employees wanted to have job security, back then workers would be hired by the week or even the day. Some workers would line up just to be able to work, and those that didn’t get in for that day would face not being able to work for one day to even a week. Employers set up their own rules which included no sick leave, vacations or overtime. Employees were treated like they were owned by employers. Labor protests would leave employees fired or even “black listed” which meant they could no longer seek employment elsewhere either. Within the USA labor movement was less political and usually ended in strikes, where employees would stop working to have their voices heard. The employment laws protects workers now to be able to enforce their labor contracts in courts. Unions are much less today, due to the fact that there are less factories and because of the labor department and enforcement of “fair labor practices”. Thus union membership is much more acknowledged and accepted.

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