Fences, Kindred, Tewwg Dialogue

Emmett Ogiony
AP English Summer Reading and Writing Assignment 2009
Background: The scene takes place in a typical Harlem department store. Each of the characters meets in an aisle all looking for various items that make up their personality. It is a rainy day in the summer, so the characters are already frustrated by the weather. The time is in the mid-1940s where racism is evident and degrading; even between race members. The scene focuses on the negativity of racism and the quality of all people. As the scene progresses it is clear of the barriers of the time and what needs to be done to bring it down.
“Nigger I ain’t know where the jeans are, I’m having enough trouble finding the wood for the fence I be building,” says Troy in a steamy voice.
“Well excuse me! I was just asking for help, there is no need to bring those harsh words into this,” says Dana, surprised at the words. The slight sound of the word made her shiver; the racism even between another person of the fellow race kills her inside.
“What’s going on heh?” Janie says in a commanding voice as she walks into the aisle.
“You, woman, don’t know what you’re talking about here. This word here is fine, I use it all the time,” Troy says as he eyes up Janie. “You know little lady if you weren’t old as my mother I’d take you out for a night,” Troy states. There was a time when he could do that he says; without that woman Rose always on him like a she wolf.
“Oh please sir, I been wit many men in my life and not any of em have used dat word around a lady,” said Janie as she looked through the shelves for make-up with a look of despair. She sighed as she remembered Tea Cake, the man she used to love ever so dearly.
“That word has brought our whole race down for centuries, and look at you; just throwing it around as if it’s nothing! Now look here, that woman over there is an example of all we stand for. She is strong and respected, which is exemplary in this time,” Dana says as she gives a...