Femininity and Masculinity Essay

Masculinity vs. femininity – This question measures the value placed on traditionally male or female values. In so-called 'masculine' cultures, people (whether male or female) value competitiveness, assertiveness, ambition, and the accumulation of wealth and material possessions. In so-called 'feminine' cultures, people (whether male or female) value relationships and quality of life.
Feminine values refer to the qualities of appearance, behaviour and practices conventionally attributed to women. The view that is places on females today shapes there values and standards. For example, seeing a female as a stay at home mum, looking after the kids, and being in the kitchen this could shape their values, as one of their core values may be protectiveness of their children, or taking care of their children. Which shapes there standards and values.
The importance of feminine values in the life of the society, according to a publication by the congregation for the doctrine of the faith called “collaboration of men and woman”, is anchored primarily on woman’s physical being to give life. This reality forms into woman that maternal instinct “structures the female personality in a profound way that allows her to mature very fast”, and also “a sense of seriousness of life and its responsibities”.
Woman’s values have grown over many years. Ever since the woman’s liberation, females have began to form their own personal values, and not follow other values that society places on them. Female values may rise to their work ethic, were as men would say there values are purely family related as they bring the born life into the world.
Masculine values refers to the qualities are competitiveness, assertiveness, ambition and wealth of material possessions.   Males have very differently shaped values and standards. Society also somewhat controls the way males feel that their values must be. For example, if a homosexual male, has values of being in a relationship with another male,...