Feminine Persepective

“A Feminine Perspective”
Aracangela Tarabotti was born in the seventeenth century. She was raised in a family that did not have the means for providing their daughter with an adequate dowry, so her family sent her to a Catholic convent to live for the rest if her life. Throughout her life in the convent she wrote two major books. The first was called Monastic Hell; this book shows her attitude toward her life in the convent. Her second book is called Innocence Undone; this explains how women are seen in the seventeenth century.
Women are considered to have a vital role since the beginning of time.   They consider women to be conceived prior to the creation of the world.   God had already planned to have someone to take care of His creation.   God gave women the strength to subdue and dominate the proudest and wildest hearts and hold them in sweet captivity by her modesty. He created man and also planned to have a companion for him.  
People at this time believed that women were given privileges and gifts of grace and beauty, both physical and intellectual. Women are born with a natural strength to endure and would be victorious in everything she was set to do.   Women are born to resist any temptation and to use her inner beauty to gain dominance over men.   Women are able to control their feelings and mastery over one’s passions, in comparison to men. Even though women are fragile human beings and may not have the strength as men have, women do   have enough strength to endure arduous tasks, but women show more strength in child birth. Women are called strong because they are the people that fill world with more people, as said conceiving and giving birth takes a lot of strength. Also women have more of an organized mind, meaning that they are able to do multiple tasks at home or even at work easily than men.
Strength is the ability to bear misfortunes and insults, although men are well built and have strength to do work, men are more easily irritated than women,...