Feminine Heart in ‘the Heart of a Woman and Other Poems’

Feminine Heart in ‘The Heart of a Woman and Other Poems’


Department of American and Caribbean Literature,
School of English Literature,
EFL University, Hyderabad

The poetical world in the African American Women’s literature is connected in any of the ways with the nature of African woman, their race, characters as well as spiritual passion inhibited in their hearts. Here, the close analyze of a volume of poetry “The Heart of a Woman and Other Poems” written by George Douglas Johnson, the most influential African American woman in Harlem Renaissance and highly respected black woman poet after Frances E.W Harper, bring the mind of reader to realize that the volume clearly states the various feelings of a woman’s heart in its ache and agony. Published in 1918, the volume is the first work of the author.

Mrs. Johnson’s acclaim in the literature extends not only to poetry, but also to numerous plays, short stories and newspaper articles. Also, she achieved a high respect due to her socially involved practices especially her commitment to Harlem Renaissance. However, the human touched themes as well as the lyrical styles of rhymed lines that Mrs. Johnson had drawn in the “ The heart of a Women and Other Poems” made up mind of her readers to call her as ‘Lady Poet’.

General Themes in the Heart
Intensely feminine and deeply human touched themes are simply but interestingly presented in the volume. The mind of reader gets stricken by realizing the deeply hidden thoughts and feelings in the heart of a woman ( probably the poet herself ), the domestic love and joy and passion of her heart as well as her romantic visions and ambitions. The most respectful values which are hidden in the nature ranging from a scene of infinite sympathy, a spirit to the marvelous patience to the heart of a woman, thus making her a more respected and dignified character, are clearly depicted in   all poems of the book.

The structure and style of the poems in the...