Female Cirumcision

tDemetria T. Lundy
October 24, 2011
Amy Zipperer

Female Circumcision
Why female genital mutations, a procedure that involves in the removal of part or all of the female genitals, mainly focusing on the clitoris. Practice of this cruel procedure takes place in mostly Africa, and has been practiced for centuries. The general idea of this is to prepare young girls as young as four years old to become ready for womanhood and marriage. These procedures are done as a ritual and sacrifices are made prior to the actually procedure. They are done by elderly women, a majority of women whom have no acknowledgement of human anatomy, surgical procedures, or medicines. Most of these young girls are given away by their parents and are bribed with sweets to forget about the pain. Just imagine the horrible pain, to feel betrayed by your parents, to have you rights swept away from you, to have a piece of your body’s organ taken away from you before you know what its purpose is.
Genital mutations also know as female circumcision are believed to be done by ancestors before there generations, and is seen as a tradition. It also is seen to be something that is done for religious purpose and to keep the young girl from having sexual sensations before marriage; people who are for female circumcision believes that those that do not go through with the procedure are ruled out to be uncleanness, and even promiscuous. Are they serious? What about the risk of infection, the lack of education, the right as a woman, fertility does any of this rings a bell for these people?
It seems as if women or young girls I rather should say have no say so in this what so ever. According to “Female Circumcision: Rite of Passage or Violation of Rights”, states that in some communities the prospective husband’s family pays a bride price to the family of the bride, giving the husband the right of her circumcision. WHAT! It is as if these people are selling their daughters souls and human rights just for...