Federalist Paper
I believe the devolution of federal power is generally a positive trend. Despite the fact that local governments can focus on self-interest over the common good of the country, and the complications devolution can create for interstate commerce; Local governments can innovate more efficiently and everything, local governments can specialize areas based on local needs, and devolution improves our right to self-determination. The good outweighs the bad in the dispute over devolution.
Local governments can get things done and utilize ideas faster than the federal government. The Bush Administration was criticized for not spending enough time with domestic policy. While Bush could have spent more time on domestic policy he was busy with more important international matters. State and local governments do not have as such broad responsibilities; they should be able to address the issues in their local area before the federal government has time for it. For example, the new congress promised they would renew focus on domestic policy. However, all they had done by June 25th, 2007 was raise the minimum wage. The states were ahead of them since 30 states had already raised the minimum wage.(1) This is a great example demonstrating that state governments are able to handle issues faster than the federal government can.
Local governments can meet the needs of their smaller areas with more efficiently than the federal government. The federal government looks at a broad range of problems. For example, Congress has rejected the Kyoto Protocol, for help with global warming. The Kyoto protocol is very controversial. Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, disagrees with Congress and plans to meet the emissions-reduction standards of Kyoto. Bloomberg plans to cut 30% of greenhouse gasses by 2030, convert city taxi’s to hybrids, quadruple the city’s bike lanes, etc .(2) This is a perfect example of how local government can get things done that help their...