Features Two Jaw Crusher and Comparative Analysis

jaw crusher, there are two basic models, namely compound pendulum jaw crusher and Jane put jaw crusher, both have their own advantages to the disadvantage of both the correlation is also different. Features This article will both jaw crusher introduced, and the results were compared Sand Making Machine.

simple pendulum jaw crusher structure is crank linkage, the movable jaw trajectory curve connecting rod, can be regarded as an ellipse. Simple pendulum jaw crusher works is motor-driven belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft moves up and down to make the link. When the rod rises, the angle between the elbows plate becomes large, thus promoting the moving jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, while the material to be broken. When the rod down, crushed material discharged from the crushing chamber. With the motor continuously rotating and moving jaw crusher crushing materials periodically.

the simple pendulum jaw crusher of moving jaw hanging shaft removed, and moving jaw hanging in the eccentric shaft, and remove the front bracket and a link, constitute a complex pendulum jaw crusher. Because of this the crusher around the eccentric shaft is rotated, it is also about the same center do swing, constitute a complex motion, so called compound pendulum jaw crusher. This machine is crank linkage, when moving jaw trajectory linkage curve, it can be regarded as an ellipse.

compare the two crushers, advantages simple pendulum jaw crusher is moving jaw smaller vertical travel, make liner wear light; at work, links to impose a smaller force can produce a very bracket big thrust. But its drawback is that the structure of complex and heavy, weighing 20% ​​to 30% compared with the same specifications crusher, followed its trajectory moving jaw is not ideal Sand Making Machine, can not guarantee product size. In addition, there impede nesting effect. Therefore, under the same conditions, simple pendulum jaw crusher productive than compound pendulum jaw crusher...