Feature of Health Plans

HCR/220 Check Point: Features of Health Plan

Each form of insurance is very different in certain ways. Every health insurance with vision, dental, or regular medical has its own loop holes and hidden costs. Throughout the health plan options provided, there are some similarities and many differences. After studying the available option plans the best one to choose; in my opinion, is the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). I have been told that PPO is a better insurance to go with and I believe the PPO offers better coverage benefits for a consumer because the PPO provides network or out of network providers. The PPO also does not require referrals for specialists.   The PPO; along with, POS and Indemnity Plan all require a preauthorization for some procedures, in which can sometimes be a problem when trying to have certain medical procedures done. Another similarity that I found throughout the plans provided was that none of these plans provided emergency services. The HMO, POS, and PPO all cover preventative care; in which, everyone needs that kind of coverage. The differences among the major types of health plans provided is that all of them have extra cost, being that if its higher, out of network, or high deductibles, there is always more to it. Every health plan I have been part of always had something that is not understandable in the fine print that states the hidden fees and certain stipulations that are required for the plan you chose. If I had to choose a plan other than the PPO, I would choose the Consumer-Driven Health Plan because it provides the options closest to the PPO. When it all comes to making a decision; the hardest part is making the correct and carefully thought-out selection.