Fear, over the Edge

Over the Edge
Mara was not your average twenty-eight year old. She worked really hard throughout high school and college and was now the publisher of a hit magazine called Fashion N Makeup. She started the magazine just a little over one year after graduating from college in New York City. She went to the Newport Academy where she studied to become an editor. She had big dreams, great financial contacts and backers, and timely breaks that enabled her to start her magazine. Fashion N Makeup was an immediate success. Her best friend Khole was the editor of the magazine. They met when they were in their second year at Newport. By their third year, they were best friends. They rented a cute town home near Newport and did everything together. Mara and Khole took weekend trips to Manhattan to shop and hang out. After graduating from college, Mara asked Khole to help with her new magazine. Now, they shared a small house in New York City together.
      The headquarters for Fashion N Makeup was in a large office building in Manhattan. Their house, unfortunately, was in New York City. This was a major issue for Mara because to get to the office she needed to take the Manhattan Bridge. She had a major fear of bridges, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t drive across a bridge. When Mara was in eleventh grade in high school one of her close friends, Ella, died in a car accident. She was traveling over a bridge and a speeding drunk driver hit her head on. The man was driving a Ford Truck while she was in her small Volkswagen bug. The man hit her, and she flipped the car over the side of the bridge. The water was deep, and the currents were fast. Mara’s friend’s body was never found. Ever since that accident, Mara had a fear of bridges. She would travel miles and miles out of her way to avoid driving across a bridge. She was okay if someone else was driving, but if she was behind the wheel, she would freeze in sheer terror. She had seen many doctors and eventually...