Fear of Cannabis

The Political Fear of Cannabis
Camdian McKie
ENG 102
December 1, 2013

The Political Fear of Cannabis

What is the real reason that Politian’s of previous eras decided to prohibit the sale and use of cannabis to the American public? Why have heads of states in various countries outside of North America decided to legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal as well as recreational purposes but America's Politian’s find it harmful? What have the leaders of so many neighboring countries realized about cannabis that our government has not? Could the U.S. government be concealing the fact that cannabis poses no true threat to its consumers, but want to keep it prohibited until they can find a way to use the substance for their own personal taxation purposes? There are millions of questions in regards to the sale and distribution of cannabis in the United States, but no valid answers. When asking questions in regards to this subject it is much like asking your mother “Why can’t I stay outside and play longer?” She never truly has a valid answer or probable cause as to why you cannot stay outside and play the answer has always been “Because I say so.” The U.S. government in this scenario is much like your mother. They have no valid reason as to why they choose not to legalize cannabis the answer is simply “Because I said so.” This is not a valid reason and we the American public want answers.
There are people in the United States that feel as though marijuana should be illegal. Many without a valid reason or cause, many of these people that lobby for its prohibition have never even used or come into contact with the substance. The year was 1619, that was earliest documented year of the sale of the plant by the name of “Cannabis sativa” also known as “hemp” or “weed”. The increased labeling of the plant as a poison this caused more and more restriction on the sale of the plant as of the year 1906. The outright prohibition of marijuana came in 1920, but by the...