Fear and Sadness

Sociocultural issues;Fear and Sadness.

The following assignment hopes to address systemic and sociocultural issues in a fictitious case study incorporating fear and sadness.
The context of the environment shall be explored, followed by a short character description listing the issues concerning the individual, and how this relates to them in a sociocultural context, including a personal analysis on the type of counsellor I hope to be, to conclude with a summary of the decisions made throughout the therapeutic process.
In order to offer a comprehensive service, attention should be given to the emotional/ physical environment of the counselling setting, the relationship between the organisation and the inhabitants it serves, and the cultural values and beliefs which inform both counsellor and client. It can be argued that these factors make a difference in the relationship between client and counsellor, and the method and result of counselling. It has been proposed that “scene setting” issues have been disregarded in counselling theory, research and practice, and that increased attention to the environment could add to a more effective, productive service.
Initially, a 36 year old lady, called Sarah Davies, requested the services of a counsellor following the break-up of her 10 year relationship.
On arrival, I introduced myself to her and orientated her to her physical surroundings, encouraging her to make herself comfortable. I assured her that the sessions were confidential, and her feelings, thoughts and opinions were `safe` in this environment. I then asked her what she expected to “get” out of counselling and what her perceptions of the process were. I explained that the type of counselling offered would depend on the nature of the life issues and their causative factors.
On assessment, Sarah is a Caucasian 36 year old lady, recently estranged from her husband (David) of 10 years. She feels as though she will not be able to cope in everyday life, on...