Farm Management Software Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2023

The software used for farm management are utilized for check writing, contact management, cost accounting, crop management, customer management, depreciation calculation, financial management,   inventory management, livestock management, payables and receivables, profit center analysis and tax management. The farm management software are either web-based or installed on premises.

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The farm management software are primarily used for crop management which is the basic asset of agricultural practices implemented to improve the growth, yield and development of agricultural crops. Crop management is implemented by combining, timing, and sequencing agricultural related activities depending on factors such as biological characteristics, the harvested form, sowing methods, age of plants, soil, climate and weather. The activities involved in crop management encompass hilling, suckering, chopping and pinching. Additionally, crop management includes crop irrigation and biological, mechanical and chemical techniques to combat weeds, diseases and pests. The farm management software when integrated with application specific sensors helps in streamlining the above mentioned activities and helps reduce time to market the produced crops. The sensors collect the data from the farm and send it to the computer hardware pre-installed with farm management software. This software then analyzes the data and provides necessary activities to be performed for the same. Moreover, the integration of these software with the remote sensing technologies enables the farm owners to implement desired farming techniques to minimize the impact of disasters and natural calamities.

The farm management software find applications in financial and revenue management. These software are capable of maintaining financial information such as cost, prices, payables,...