Famu Business

January 24, 2007

Business Weekly Class #3

Nationalization may have different look

Hugo Chavez rushed to sell shares Venezuela's biggest telecommunications and power companies and also said that he would nationalize them. While Chavez, runs about 90 % of the business in Venezuela I’m not   shock at all to see him nationalizing companies.
      Thai Farmers has reported a $100 million second-quarter loss, its stock price has plunged 65%. Thailand's woes represent a disturbing new stage in Asia's unfolding crisis. With options running thin, the government may have to take over all but a handful of the country's 15 banks. Many even consider the idea nationalization, but insist that it would only would be temporary.
      Chávez' Oil-Fueled Revolution
      Known for making “wise”decisions . Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is stepping up a program of expropriation that could bedevil a number of businesses, both locally owned and foreign. With Venezuela's opposition so divided, Chávez' experiment could continue for years.
      U.S. companies want stronger rules protecting U.S. investment overseas and more incentives for luring foreign money into the U.S. Therefore congress would rewrite the rules of foreign ownership--affecting everything from factories to real estate and even securities.
      Taiwan: The Reformer in Charge
      Nobody knew what to expect when they elected Chen Shui-bian declared winner in Taiwan's Mar. 18 presidential election. All the voters expected was to get some good results back. Whether Chen has the diplomatic skills to manage a real rapprochement with Beijing remains to be seen. His abilities as a statesman could well determine whether Chen stumbles badly or emerges   as the architect of a new Taiwan.
      Morales: Bolivia to nationalize mining
      After Bolivia shipped some $485 million of mostly zinc, silver, gold, and tin during the first...