: Family

SOC402: Contemporary Social Problems & the Workplace
Instructor: Dana Rock
Week Five Assignment
Khadra Temmis
Family, and childcare issues, for single head of households.
Family is A group united by blood, marriage, and or adoption in order to satisfy intimacy needs or bear and socialize children”  “The family is thus a crucial factor in both individual well being and social life”.”  (Lauer, R.H., & Lauer, J.C. Chapter 12). (P g. 348) traditional family is made up of father, mother, one or more children typically the mother stays home and the father works. Since world war two women have been growing in the workforce. “Over the past several decades, women have entered the workforce in record numbers. In the 1940s, less than one in five women with children worked outside the home. By 1998, 65 percent of women with children under the age of six were in the labor force. The percentage was even higher among women with children between the ages of six and 17 - 78 percent. Today, over half (55 percent) of these women provide most, if not all, of their family’s income”. (http://www.policyalmanac.org/social_welfare/childcare.shtml) By Michele Friedman, Coalition on Human Needs
                          As women entered the works place the need for child care grew from the occasional date night to eight to five and before and after school care. Now families had to plan for child care for their young ones unlike in the time of World War II where the neighbor cared for the kids or the grandparent.   Because most of the fathers were off to war or did not come home from the battle field. The family started changing in the 60 and 1970 were divorce became more common and single mothers needed to provide for their children.   A single parent home is headed usually by women every now and then we see single fathers which are very rare. Though now we see more single fathers who also have to deal with the issues that come with child care and even for...