Family Stages & Etiquette for Teenagers

Gretchelle C. Bayobay
Family Stage
It is a time period in the life of a family that has a unique structure. There’s a transition from one shift of one family stage to another.
  * Age does not matter…
  * Developmental processes are inevitable.
  * Development of group of interacting individuals is more important than of the individual.
  * Families and individuals change over a period of time.
Stage 1: Beginning family
  * Married couple establish home but no children.
Developmental Tasks: Establishing a satisfying home and marriage relationship and preparing for childbirth.
Stage 2: Childbearing Family
  * From birth of 1st child until that child is 2 ½ years old (toddlers).
Developmental Task: Adjusting to increased family size and providing a positive developmental environment.
Stage 3: Family with Preschoolers
  * Oldest child is between 2 ½ and 6 years old.
Developmental tasks: Coping with demands on energy and attention with less privacy at home.
Stage 4: Family with School Children
  * When oldest child is between ages of 6 and 13 years old.
Developmental Task: Promoting educational achievement and fitting in with the community of families with school-age children.
Stage 5: Family with Teenagers
  * Oldest child is between ages of 13 and 20 (adolescence stage).
Developmental Task: Allowing and helping children to become more independent.
Stage 6: Launching Centre
  * When oldest child leaves family until the youngest leaves home.
Developmental Task: Releasing young adults and accepting new ways of relating to them; maintaining a supportive home base.
Stage 7: Empty Nest
  * From time children are gone till couple retires.
Developmental Task: Renewing and redefining marriage relationship; preparing for retirement years.
Stage 8: Aging Family
  * From retirement till death of the marriage partner.
Developmental Task: Adjusting to retirement; coping with death and living alone....